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I spend too much time in my head.
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peony (by appleisapple)

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girls, don’t ever let a man tell u ya vagina is ugly or unworthy of his mouth and tongue. men can’t say shit when they got that lumpy vienna sausage with hair on it and two long eggs wrapped up in some loose skin. ya vagina is beautiful and if a man wanna talk shit he can go slap his balls up against someone elses asshole. 

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People are really calling this alleged plot for Jurassic World "awesome" and "badass". REALLY?? Ok I respect that everyone has different tastes but if you have even a shred of appreciation for the original Jurassic Park (even the mediocre sequels) you’d know that this alleged plot is total and complete shit.

Humans training dinosaurs to fight off evil genetically modified dinosaurs… the plot sounds atrocious regardless if it’s a Jurassic Park sequel or not.

I really hope this is a rumor.

Every time I hear a 35ish+ person say “kids have it so easy these days”, I kinda sorta want to slap that person across the face… with a chair.

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M.I.A. for Modzik Magazine

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Sorry but “Kimye” has NOTHING on Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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Horror at the drive-in. Georgia, 1960 © Buddy Kuykendall

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If anyone was snubbed, it was NOT Leonaro Dicaprio. Chiwetel Ejiofor anyone?


yes, leo deserves an oscar, but not for wolf of wallstreet. now everyone shut up

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Leo didn’t win… and Tumblr will now explode in 3…2…1…


Ellen doing what we all would if we were Oscar hosts

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